Body Treatments


1hr RBL 2200 1.5hr RBL 3300, 2hr RBL 4500

Exotic and unique, this treatment fuses traditional Thai massage with deep tissue, pressure point and ancient stretching techniques. It releases tension, increases vitality and flexibility and creates wholeness of the mind, body and spirit.


45min RBL 2000

This ancient therapy releases tension in your upper back, neck and shoulders where physical and emotional stress often manifests.


1 hr RBL 2000

This ancient therapy releases tension in your upper foot, neck and shoulders where physical and emotional stress often manifests.


1hr RBL 4500

4 hands, 2 Thai masters. Exotic and unique, this treatment fuses traditional Thai massage with deep tissue, pressure point and ancient stretching techniques. It releases tension, increases vitality and flexibility and creates wholeness of the mind, body and spirit. 


1hr RBL 2500 1.5hr RBL 3500, 2hr RBL 4500

This treatment combines various Oriental massage techniques in the ultimate personalised therapy. Using essential coconut oil  ­these rituals will soften, soothe and balance the senses. Choose from the selection of treatment oils below.

Jasmine  or Lemongrass Massage & Body Oil

1hr RBL 2500

A powerful blend of the finest Thai Jasmine flower or Thai Lemongrass extract that has an instant energising and restorative effect on both mind and body. Thai oils are deeply hydrating, while added Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants.


30 min RBL 1500, 60 min RBL 2000

An ancient therapy that has its roots in reflexology- linking zones on the feet to specific parts of the body to help alleviate pain, tension and inflammation.


1.5hr RBL 3500

Jasmine  or Lemongrass Massage & Body Oil
1.5hr RBL 3500
A traditional Thai herbal therapy to soothe tense, stiff muscles. This healing treatment begins with the application of a warm Thai herbal poultice, which contains a variety of therapeutic Thai herbs and spices. A full body follows using Jasmine or Lemongrass Massage and Body Oil on your choice.


3 hr RBL 7000

Comdination of Thai Oil-massage, scrub, scalp and foot massage.

THAI STORY for two person

2 hr 30 min  RBL 9500

The program for two person. Combination of scrub or foot massage (on your choice) and Thai Oil-massage.

Facial Treatments

CO2 Express rejuvenascence

75 min RBL 3500

CO2 therapy — express rejuvenation without operation, without nyxes, without pain. Thanks to activization of microblood circulation a collagen – the main construction material for cells begins to be produced strenuously.


75 min RBL 3500

The program includes: A srub with Nym, facial massage, a fruit face pack during which to you will make foot massage, putting the moisturizing gel of the Aloe Vera. By it will make a skin healthy, without spots and comedos, will clean a greasy luster.

KOBIDO Japanese face lifting massage

75 min RBL 3500
Kobido is potent and at the same time very soft impact on face skin. Concepts of traditional east medicine are the cornerstone of the Japanese technology of massage. The procedure saves from the strain which accumulated in facial and cervical muscles. Thanks to Kobido it is possible to reach an appreciable rejuvenascence, updating of an integument, restoration of the broken structure. Result even of several sessions of massage of Kobido it becomes noticeable the rejuvenated, tightened and beautiful skin, improvement of the general state and disposal of a stress. The program has pronounced lifting effect.


45 min RBL 2500

For centuries Thai women have looked to nature for its healing and nourishing benefits on the skin. This treatment uses a blend of essential oils in a detoxifying and purifying mask to nourish and leave the complexion soft and radiant. An essential treatment in pre-party preparation.


60 min RBL 3000

Designed for all skin types, this unique treatment is the ultimate healing and nourishing therapy, combining luxury organic skincare with traditional application techniques. Highlights include a traditional facial steam and massage and Thai herbal compress to leave skin purified, nourished and toned.


SPA Treatments


1.5hr RBL 4500

Red wine fights against edemas, strengthens blood vessels, activates blood and the lymph flow, protects fibers of elastin and a collagen, resists to destruction of the hyaluronic acid regulating moisture level in tissues. The result is notable from the first sessions of use: the skin relief is leveled, its smartness and an elastance is noticeable.


1.5hr RBL 4000

Thai Oil-massage  with hot stones. During the Oil-massage warm  stones are placed on the body to relax the muscles. Jade is renowned for its protective, healing qualities and helps to relieve stress, release toxins, lower blood pressure and promote optimum health.

WASABI Super antioxidant

2hr RBL 4500

Juice of young wild wasabi contains superoxide the dismutazu-most powerful of known antioxidants, and also – volatile organic compounds of an izotiotsinata. It slows down aging and relieves cages of toxins, intensifies blood circulation and a limfo circulation. The program contains: a body scrub with wasabi and a mask for a body with wasabi. The srub with wasabi softly clears skin and fights against pollution. The mask with wasabi strengthens exchange processes and antioxidant protection of an organism, strengthens immunity of skin, eliminates inflammatory elements, accelerates a blood-groove and a limfo circulation in problem zones, promotes a conclusion of products of a metabolism through the kidneys, liquidates developments of stagnation. The program has pronounced lymphatic drainage effect after the first procedure. Is suitable for course application, doesn’t possess the warming action. Is suitable for men and women.

HONEYSUCKLE Rejuvenation. For man.

2hr RBL 4500
The major operating component in this program for men – a Japanese honeysuckle of a lonitser, the distant relative of our garden honeysuckle well-known for the curative force. Broth of these gentle flowers with delicate aroma is used in the millennia for strengthening of forces and «disposal of illnesses». Extract of lonitser is rich with natural antioxidants — such as vitamin C and vitamins of group P: they actively connect free radicals, preventing aging, and restore walls of vessels. Biologically active complex of control developed taking into account feature of male skin which part B3 vitamin is, horse-chestnut extract, biotin and caffeine, refreshes skin, does it opaque and velvety, softens manifestation of a greasy luster.

LOTUS Express weight loss

1,5 hr RBL 4300
Scientists established that lotus juice stimulates synthesis of the special hormones and proteins answering for lipolistion and restoration of a metabolism. No wonder that Thaisi use lotus`s leaves paste to restore and maintain the symmetry. Extract of a lotus promotes restoration of a normal metabolism in and outside of fatty tissue. It also helps a softening of dense fatty congestions and reduction of volume of adipotsid. The lotus restores water-salt balance of fabrics and accelerates a drainage in problem zones. The most active component of a lotus — nutsipherine, the alkaloid destroying fatty deposits, it is especially effective for correction of local deposits on a stomach and hips.


2 hr RBL 4500

This program – real «a vitamin bomb» for your skin. The vegetable srub, a vegetable mask for a body and a body balm with a soy protein and avocado will help to protect your skin from a city stress and negative impact of environment. Contains extract of a celery, cucumber, tomatoes, pumpkin and carrots, and also six vegetable oils which carefully restore the damaged lipidic cages. The vitamins which are in vegetables accelerate exchange processes. This program possesses the moistening and nutritious property of the prolonged action.


1,5 hr RBL 4000
The program is created for those who dreams to indulge himself with something special! Gentle cream-oil from cherry stones, well matts the skin iand nourishes the thin dehydrated skin, softening it and leaves magic silky feeling. The powerful antioxidants and fatty acids which are most carefully restoring a hydrolipidic film of skin. Almost imperceptible aroma of cherry will accompany you during the whole day, pleasing and lightening mood.

MANGO Express detox

1,5 hr RBL 4000
Thais believe that mango well influences not only physical health, but also a spiritual cover: it clears a biofield. The pulp and stones of mango include a full set of vitamins, in particular vitamins C and B, irreplaceable amino acids, and, above all – the most valuable oil, the real treasure created by the nature. Its strongest protective properties help even to very sensitive skin to cope with reddenings, an acne, rashes, cracks. In combination with yellow clay which contains compounds of sulfur, mango promotes a conclusion of toxins from cages and intercellular liquid. We recommend this leaving as an express detoxication. It also restores immunity of skin, relieves of rashes, reddenings, protects skin from harmful effects of environment.


1,5 hr RBL 4000
The beauty of a body is inseparably linked with beauty of the soul which reveals in harmony. In this program are harmoniously combined the papaya`s fruit scrub and papaya`s cream-oil by means of which, our masterly masters, will load you up with cheerfulness and a positive. In the program the best components for moistening and nutrition of skin, for a tonization and restoration of natural balance of skin are used. Give the present of pleasure, happiness and beauty to your body!


2 hr RBL 4500
The magnificent Spa treatment and fine delicacy for your body which will soften, will calm, will humidify and will protect from aging. All of us know that chocolate causes formation of endorphins – happiness hormones. The chocolate applied on skin gives carefree happiness and works real miracles, relieving it of cellulitis. Is a source for food by microcells and vitamins, reaching effect of moistening and a tonization. Allow to plunge to a body into chocolate aromas and to indulge in luxury of a relaxation. The program harmoniously combines a chocolate srub and a chocolate mask, and physical impact on a body with fragrant oil will become the finishing chord.


2 hr RBL 4500
Amazing Spa leaving, based of exclusively natural, enriched with plant extracts and oils of a Spa cosmetics from Thailand. Aroma of a coco will transfer you to tropics, to the shaken palm trees and beautiful white sandy coast. The coconut srub will add to your skin unforgettable smoothness and silkiness, and physical impact with effect of relaxation by coconut oil will present true tropical pleasure.


2 hr RBL 4500
Discover the secrets of youth and beauty, having plunged into the sea of impressions, having taken pleasure in the refined atmosphere of tranquillity. Unique seaweed promote a conclusion of toxins and excess intercellular liquid, allowing to reduce for one procedure body volume to 3 cm. Excellently moisten skin, feeding micro and macrocells. This comprehensive program – will surpass all expectations for a regeneration and rejuvenation.

«PARAM» — double kick to weight and cellulitis. Сorrection of a figure

1,5 hr RBL 4300
This warming program is developed by ancient east traditions and intended for correction of a figure, extensions and reduction of volume up to 5 cm for one procedure, thanks to pronounced lymphatic drainage effect. The comprehensive program consists of putting the Param mix from ginger, a carnation, a nutmeg and elements of the warming east influence for strengthening of skin of a body. The terrestrial magic promoting fast achievement of an ideal figure.

«Minus 7 cm!». Сorrection of a figure

1,5 hr RBL 3500
Surprising technique of masters and Gold Shape or Panamas cream, dissolving excess fat and slowing down education new, work wonders in effective correction of your figure. The intensive course of physical impact with cream regulates a fatty exchange, improves a lymphatic drainage, promotes removal of toxins and slags. It is recommended to complete a course for achievement of visible result for few days.
The cost of cream doesn’t included in the program price.
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